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ФЕДЕРАЦИЯАрбитрыВниманию международных судей!
31 Октября 2020, 19:45Печать
Вниманию международных судей!

Dear International Referees,

This email to inform you officially that because of the extremely difficult situation with the COVID pandemic, the format of the Champions League 4th Round (M+W) has been changed. Please find attached the new format. All the 4th round matches and nominations already scheduled are cancelled, and hopefully next week will follow the new nominations, according to the attached new plan. The composition of the pools (teams) stays the same, only the format is changed. The 2nd Round of CEV Champions League Volley 2021, Pool G tournament, is still on the schedule and to be played, so is not cancelled.

Please immediately update your unavailabilities in the CEV Database (personal area), this is extremely important in order to ease the work of ERC for that new nominations wave to come next week. In case you have travel restrictions to other European countries, please inform the ERC immediately by email.

Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation in this very challenging period!

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